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April 10 - June 29, 2015
64th Annual

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Les Dames de 700 Club

The Les Dames de 700 Bowling Club, Inc. is a nonprofit and independent organization comprised of USBC (United States Bowling Congress) and CTF (Canadian Tenpin Foundation) women who have bowled a three game series of 700 or higher in USBC, CTF or WIBC certified/sanctioned league or tournament conpetition. We are referred to as an appiliate or allied organization as are the National 500 and the National 600 Bowling Clubs. Membership is applied for through the Executive Director; an application form may be found from the menu on the left side of the home page.

Our annual tournament is held using scores from the USBC Womenís Championship Tournament. A mailographic tournament is also held annually. Games are bowled in local league competition and handicapped in one of four divisions. A senior division is included for those who are 60 or older.

An annual meeting is held generally during the USBC convention. Information concerning the time and place are mailed to each member. The club organized in 1947 is celebrating itís 63rd year,

Dues are $5 and are due August 1st each year. Those who have paid dues for twenty-five years are eligible for life membership; dues payments are no longer required yet full membership privileges and benefits are retained.

By August 2009, the club has more than fifteen hundred members from the United States and Canada; two hundred twelve are life members. Two of our charter members are still living: Lauretta Harder of Seminole, FL and Hilda Otten of Ottawa Lake, MI. Included in our membership are former members of Team USA, the PWBA, the WIBC Board of Directors and Bowling Inc. staff. Currently there is one member on the USBC board and several members on staff at Bowling Headquarters. Also included are nineteen WIBC and USBC Hall of Fame inductees.

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